Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hera Cell Bio Cream

Together with the Hera Cell Essence and a hundred different things,  I bought the Hera Cell Bio cream.
The sales assistant told me that these 2 items are supposed to go hand in hand together and they do give out trial packages where you have these 2 items together in a small box.
Cotton gauze comes with the cream and these will come in useful for those once a week intensive sessions. 
On normal nights,  I just swipe them all over my face and hope for the best. So far so good. 
Been waking up to hydrated and translucent skin. 
For those intensive sessions,  here's how you use it. 
Soak the cotton gauze in the Hera Cell Essence , apply double the amount of Hera Cell Bio cream than what you will usually apply daily onto the soaked cotton gauze, swipe mixture over the face and when you have covered the entire face, lay the cotton gauze across both sides of the cheeks, across the nose, leave it alone for 10 mins and then remove the gauze and go to bed. 
The cream feels medium weight. Definitely not what I would call a light cream but it doesn't bother me when I sleep at night. 
The laneige sleeping pack,  on the other hand. ... feels like it just does not dry and it gets on to my pillow,  bedsheet,  hair,  everywhere and still feels sticky when I wake up in the morning,  many hours later.... This may be why I've been neglecting it for so long.
Hera Cell Bio cream,  on the other hand, is not as heavy but I think that it does a good job too. 
It is most likely too heavy for day time as I can totally see it turning the face into a whole oily mess if mixed with foundation unless you are staying in somewhere very dry and cold. 
That being said, I think I will try it during the day when I go for my winter vacations. 

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raayyyaaaa said...

Hi! I was thinking about purchasing the Hera Cell Bio Cream for my mom, but I'm not sure whether it should be applied as a moisturizer that goes after essence and eye cream (essence > eye cream > hera cell bio cream?) or as a night cream that goes on as the last step of a night skin care routine. She's looking for the latter. Hope you can help me with this asap! Thank you. :)