Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review : Hera Cell Essence Bio Fluid

You know how some people just keeps on trying new beauty products, be it skincare or cosmetic items?
How everytime they buy a new product, how much they look forward to tearing the packaging open and then trying it for the first time, 
How they seem to have tried almost every product that is out in the market and how normal people will not be able to understand the excitement when they find yet another good product that lives up to its name and how exhilarating it is when that same product  actually works on them, word by word, according to the label, on what it's supposed to do? 
That kind of feeling is very much like how you would feel when you are in a crush. Sometimes, those crush develops into stable relationships and some become life partners.
I'm one of the some people. 
I just got back from an eventful trip in Seoul, South Korea. 
It's eventful because I bought so many beauty products which I've been wanting to try but unable to get hold of as the items are not available in sg yet. 
In fact,  I've never bought so much in a single trip I think I scare myself a little. But,  at the same time,  trying out these products and seeing how they actually works so well is a very rewarding experience for me. 
Also,  looking at my bathroom and wardrobe,  how it is filled with all kind of items which I've accumulated, I've decided to join in on the review bandwagon. 
It's good to have an idea of what you are thinking of buying because we don't want to buy a product that only works on those glossy magazines. 
Man, that was a long introduction. 
Today,  for my first review,  I'm going to talk about Hera Cell Essence. 
Hera is a popular brand in korea and it is on the same level as Sulwhasoo.
It is a higher range than Laneige and Iope and you can purchase the items from Lotte Departmental Store. I bought mine from the one in Myeongdong where they have the most attentive staff who took great care to understand the condition of your skin as well as the expectations of the products. 
I think you may be happy to note that they are very generous with the samples too. I'll be reviewing those too. Having so much fun with the samples :) 
I think this product was supposed to work like the SK I I essence.
In comparison,  
Fragrance - Hera Cell Essence smell alot better than the one from SK I I. I am a fan of SK I I products. Just could not get used to the funny smell that comes with it. Having said that,  they still hold a very special place in my heart as they were the ones who introduced me to bright and translucent skin some 8 years ago. 
Price - Hera Cell Essence cost around 60usd,  not very far off from the SK I I one. 
How to use it - this product comes with a box of cotton pad. Instruction Was to apply the essence into the cotton pad and then to carefully wipe it on the face. I've been following this instruction and noticed this method just means using alot more essence than necessary because alot of it just gets soaked up by the cotton pad. 
These markers at the back of the bottle tells you how much you should be using at each application but I think. .... Just use whatever amount you need. You can stop when you feel that your skin is supple n hydrated enough for the next item. 
If you follow the markers on the bottle, it should last you a month. If you use it like I do, patting without the cotton pad and not following the markers,  you probably stretch it to 1.5 to 2 months. 
It still works. 
It's probably a better idea to just pat it on to the skin. Get your money worth yo. 
Function - it promised radiance, whitening and hydration. I use it together with the Hera Cell Bio cream and after 2 weeks of using it,  my skin feels alot more supple and silky. The hydration part of it is amazing. 
Putting on makeup is now a breeze. 
Fine lines which were on my forehead and which were getting increasingly noticeable also lightened by a great deal. I want to say that I don't even notice them being there anymore actually. 
One thing about testing skincare for me is how the bare skin looks after I remove the makeup at the end of the day and for these 2 weeks that I've been using the Hera Cell Essence as well as the Hera Cell Bio cream is how my face shines and how translucent it looks. 
All in all, I really like this product and I will definitely purchase it again. 

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