Tuesday, July 22, 2014

La mer loose powder - The Powder

I thought that I should post something on the La Mer loose powder as I did my fair share of review on the Internet before I bought it and so far,  my experience with it hasn't been as good as the ones I read on the Internet.
I've been using this loose powder for about 6 months after my 3rd refill of loose powder from Cle De Peau finished. 
Each time after I finish my CDP loose powder,  I had the strong urge to try out the La Mer one.
In terms of pricing,  the cdp one costs $180 for the entire set and $120 for the refill while the one from La Mer costs $130 for the entire set, no refill.
One day,  I decided to make that jump. 
I think the one from La mer lasts alot longer as after 6 months,  I still have so much of it left.
My shade is in 05, which is supposed to be the translucent shade and the powder itself comes with slight shimmers. 
The thing is, the sponge that comes with it does not pick up the powder well enough so it resulted in me ending up with either too much or too little powder on my face.
When i applied too much of it, this powder cakes within the first 10 seconds on putting it on and I also find the shimmer a little overpowering. At some parts of the face, it looked like I had on eyeshadow. The shimmery kind. 
It settles into the fine lines on my forehead and coupled with the shimmer, made the skin look too made up and nope, I did not experience the airbrushed look which many have been raving about. 
When I apply too little of it,  the skin just still feels sticky from the foundation. So... There is really no good in between. :( 
The loose powder from CDP, on the other hand,  is so finely milled that it gave a truly translucent look that allows people to still see your skin beneath the makeup. I thought that this is really important. 
So. I'm not done with the powder and have not touched it since I bought the one from Hera. 
Will I go back to CDP after this?  Maybe. 
Will I stick to Hera? Maybe. 
Will I purchase the one from La Mer again? Not really. 


God~loved said...

Hi, I just read your review and thereafter some of the entries on your blog. I must say I enjoyed my stay here. Noticed that it's been a while since the last post. Just wondering if you still keep this blog active. Hope to hear from you... :) Are you from SG? Guessing from some of the posts. I am from SG. Would like to connect with you on Facebook if possible. I blogged previously, but since stopped..following your blog nonetheless..

God~loved said...
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