Thursday, October 4, 2012

dimsum weekend again

One of the things that makes us very glad to wake up early for during the weekends is good breakfast! ( or lunch, depends on how you look at it )

we got ourselves to the Tower club chinese restaurant again where we had plates after plates of dim sum.

Love their fried carrot cakes and the fried mini bean curds there! ( The texture of the mini bean curds  reminds me of the stinky bean curds which i tried in Taipei. only without the sauce. try it! )

i remember how i would always look forward to having dim sum during anytime of the day, especially during those days when we were in Tucson.
and now, when we are back in Sg, when we went to New york for a one week holiday, we still went looking for dim sum in the morning (-_-")

it must have something to do with the variety of choices when it comes to dim sum.... and then washing them down with chinese tea! =)

it was a little hazy that day and we could not see very far though the view was still good.

look at those chairs behind me.
Do they remind you of the ones in the Neo Pets game? did you use to play that game actually?
i did and even purchased the gems to buy pink colour furnitures!! hahaaa

the next time i go there again, i will remember to take pictures of the food instead of just the 2 of us.

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Christine said...

aww those chairs are so opulent!