Monday, October 1, 2012

Dinner at Lawrys

i had soooo many cupcakes during the month of September as there were just too many birthdays going on. :)
ok, i had a lot more just because i missed the lovely ones by twelve cupcakes soooo much!

have you tried them yet? my favourite ones are the red velvet and the salty caramel ones, oh, and the peanut butter with jelly one. okok, everyone loves the peanut butter with chocolate one too!! 

i think it helps that they are tiny so you don't get yourself into a situation whereby you have 1 and then you need to stop having it for the next 1 month because you've had too much this time round.

On another day, my girlfriends and i went for a little celebration at Lawry's where 2 of us made the logical move to have steak while the other 2 of us decided to go ahead for our favourite seafood.

washed everything down with a nice share of bubbly and the world was at its best. 

wash everything and anything down with a nice glass of bubbly and everything you touch turns into gold.

did somebody just say drama-mama? 

a pretty pouch for our dearest friend. 
everyone loves a hello kitty. 
keep it in your purse and no one is ever too old for glitter hello kitties and its nice to open up your bag and have a little something which reminds you of your girlfriends <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

i hope your weekend was good. 

i shared it with my family, G and some of my girlfriends again. Right now, can't wait for the next one to arrive already!

Have a blessed week ahead. May we all sail through it and may the week be over before we know it!

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Christine said...

babe! where are the upclose pictures of the food? ;)

you look great as usual. :)