Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We checked ourselves into Swisshotel, Merchant Court, a few weekends ago where we took time to laze around, go for nice dinners and a movie each on both saturdays and sundays!
it was quite funny as we were supposed to watch "Painted Skin ", the mandarin move on saturday but as someone had troubles with reading mandarin and just booked the first mandarin show which he saw on the website, we ended up going to the wrong show and only discovered it 5 minutes into the show. hahahaha.

the next day, we made a booking for the right show but realised that the one we watched the day before was so much better. This is also known fondly as " a blessing in disguise" and " you-just-never-know ":)

Decided to go with my maxi white dress that day! Easy to move around in.
Maxi dresses are the next best things ever designed to structured jackets. you can wear them to everywhere and the last thing you have to worry about is showing your fats because they just blends into the maxi dresses. at least.... thats what i like to tell myself.

We reached the hotel and decided to lie around and watch some Olympics first.
When G was still watching it, i decided to do something else.

Went for some light snacks before going to Vivocity for our movie.
I really like that mall.
Its gigantic, its airy, it has everything from Zara to Forever21 to the numerous very popular restaurants. you can practically stay in the mall the entire day and not get bored.
Dessert before the movie. Who can resist a strawberry shortcake?? it looks sooo pretty and tastes like heaven!

After the movie, we went for supper at Ippudo Tao at Mohamed Sultan Road.
This place never goes wrong with its flavourful ramen and its delicious side dishes.
i wasn't in the mood for a lot of food that night after snacking here and there and a strawberry shortcake but i had a good time just because of this drink here.
Its the Calpis Soda which tastes very much like ice-cream soda.
i always try to get my hands on them but very often, they are left with the Calpis water while the calpis soda are out of stock.

Seasoned Chilled Japanese Cucumber. i think no one does it better than them.

G's favourite Ramen.
This man can survive on just Ramen alone.
I remember that when we went to Tokyo, he wanted to have ramen everyday and we even checked the internet for the best few ramen and went to check a few of them out.
In Tokyo, it is common that patrons buy the meal coupon from a ticketing machine inside the restaurant and then pass it to the staff as an order chit.
but because they were all in Japanese, we had some trouble selecting additional toppings.
No, we had trouble ordering just the ramen which we wanted but it was such a novelty and it was so much fun :)

The next day.

Then we lie around and watched the Olympics again after breakfast.
Actually, we watched it a few times throughout our stay because it was so captivating! Who can resist the Olympics? its so exciting!!

I'm so happy to say that Sg now have 1 individual bronze medal.
it means so much for a little island like ours!!
Feng Tianwei is the genius :)

 Dear London, i miss you very much.
Hope to see you soon. :)

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Adam Alex said...

staycations are the best. you look so pretty in these pics. :) i'm drooling over your balenciaga. that's a gorgeous shade! hope all's well!