Monday, August 6, 2012

score at forever21

Been having some issues with breathing lately. Sounds serious but really, it is something that happens to everyone once in a while!
Have you ever felt like you could not breathe and when you desperately try to correct that feeling by taking in big gulps of air, you just feel worse? Like your chest was constricted?
Here's something that can probably explain it.

breathing is something that we should not be conscious of but when we pay attention to it, we may be trying to breathe right and that may means that we may be breathing in too fast. i.e.: breathing in and out in a fast rhythm. 
when that happens, we may be breathing out too much carbon dioxide and that will cause us to have that constricted feeling.
this is known as mild hyperventilation. Just mild. Nothing too serious and it will be ok so long as you follow the below;

focus on the clock, take 15 seconds to breathe in and 15 seconds to blow out the air and repeat for about 8 times. try not to panick if you still do not feel ok after the first 1 or 2 tries as you may not be doing it right yet. Just try to stay calm and try again.
that should regulate your breathing and try not to focus too much on it and you should be fine.

if that don't work or if you are still worried,  see a doctor!!! :)

so, its actually at 5am when i am writing this down but i am having a bad flu and am having some trouble with sleeping so i thought that its a perfect time to catch up on this space. 
the air is cool now, very uncommon for a tropical island like Singapore and it reminds me of when i was sooo much younger, around 20 years ago, when the air in the morning are always a little chilly.
now, due to global warming, we don't get much of that chilly morning air anymore :(

it was one of those days when i walked into forever21, just browsing and not really having an idea of what to look out for but walked out with my one of finest purchase. (yay )

This is the dress, with its flattering waist line, a conservative 3/4 sleeve which hides butterfly arms , a thin belt and a very flattering colour!
The dress is also lined except for the sleeves.
a very nice touch and that means arms look slimmer too without the additional layer.
it gives a nice vintage feel and is great to wear for many occasions!
shopping, a wedding lunch, having afternoon tea with girl friends, a date with the husband and even for work! ( if you are not required to wear formal business suits )

Some may like it better without the belt.... ( me ) add a dark silver accessories ( it goes really well together )

or if you are in the mood to glam it up, add some gold accessories and there you are!

Have a blessed week ahead! :)


Christine said...

how about with the belt and the necklace? the necklace is rockin' btw!

Nikki said...

I love your dress, wow, it's sooo beautiful:)
And the gold accessories are to die for!! xx