Friday, August 10, 2012

Robert Timms and Halia

The House Of Robert Timms is now one of my favourite breakfast joints.
Its not quite as crowded as places like Antoinette where i've yet to make it for a meal because there's always a queue outside and the layout of the restaurant is a little cramped, i think.
Personal space is soooo important.

Apart from the breakfast menu, the pasta and mussels at Robert Timms are really good too!
Try the Chilli Mussels when you are there. It tastes very much like the ones with white wine except that it is spicy too. A total winner :)

A favorite time to go is on a Sunday morning to drive away the impending monday blues though lunch is a good option too!

We checked out Halia for lunch and had a really pleasant time.
The Steak was very well marinated and juicy.

Dessert was Green Tea Creme Brulee with Pistachio Macaroon.

Service was immaculate and the weather was so good for outdoor dining the day we went.

When in doubt, go for good food.
It drives the darkest clouds away :)

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