Friday, July 27, 2012

Honey on toast

i had a new oven sitting there for a week before i had time to bake some stuff with it and so far, its been some really easy ones like the honey cornflakes cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies and yesterday, i baked some raisin cookies.

the honey cornflakes and the raisin cookies went well but i had some trouble with the dry oat i used in the oatmeal raisin cookies. it turned out really tough and a little too dry so i had to throw them out :(
that was a little disappointing for me but i will just keep on trying and hopefully, one day, i will be able to deliver some really tasty oatmeal cookies!

i've been seeing lesser and lesser of peplum tops in the stores and am hoping that they won't just disappear entirely. 
Peplum tops are really the easiest way to add some hour glass to the figure and my favorite part about it is how the flares at the end easily hide a flabby tummy!

last week, i wore my new peplum top from Bysi and those shorts that finally went on sale at Zara.
necklace was one of my diy project :)
The color of the top is in fact very dark blue instead of black but it doesn't show up so well in pictures. 
the beads on the necklace is also coral instead of this orange shade which we sees here.... hmm is that the problem with using iPhone to take the pictures? ( but i am so lazy to lug out the camera for the shots )

On sunday, i was pottering around in the kitchen when i realized that the load of bread was going to expire and there is no better way to use them up other than using them for french toast so i made 3 pieces of toast for each of us, topped it up with strawberries and honey. ( note to self to always keep some icing sugar and maple syrup at home )

strawberries and kiwis are very good antioxidant and we try to eat a kiwi at least once every day or at least, once in two days.
a very interesting note on the tropical gold kiwi from zespri-kiwifruit

In the late 1970s, New Zealand Kiwifruit growers began experimenting with the natural development of a golden kiwifruit. Seeds were imported from China, where a female plant was chosen for its yellow flesh and excellent flavor and crossed with a male plant proven to produce large, succulent fruit.
In 1992 one offspring plant from this family was selected and nurtured, resulting in the golden-fleshed kiwifruit now known as ZESPRI® GOLD Kiwifruit.

you know how sometimes the green kiwis are more sour than sweet? the gold one on the other hand, is always sweet and juicy!
in terms of nutritious value, the gold one is just slightly better than the green kiwi. :)

Latest purchase from forever21.
loves ~~~~

Have a good day!


Jenny said...

Oh no, I sincerely hope peplum tops are not going anywhere because I LOVE them! They work well on so many different body types! Love the one you've shown!

xo Jenny

Christine said...

babe, i don't really like peplum tops cos they make my hips look wider! :(

ADAM ❤ ALEX mommy said...

cute! i love f21 jewelry... cute and cheap!

i still haven't bought my peplum top yet... so yes, i hope they don't go away! :)

hope all's well!


Anonymous said...

that french toast looks delicious!

come say hi if you'd like:

iLa said...

Make some toasts for me too~!

Zerohearts said...

Jenny : i hope so too!! love them to bits!

Christine : do they? :( what about getting those which are shorter? i've seen some shorter peplums around and maybe those will be able to hide the tummy and yet not bring attention to the hips??

Jasmine : been really busy and then a little unwell! but am getting better :)))

DIane : thank you :)) will check out your blog!

Ila : hahahaaaa anytime!!!