Sunday, July 22, 2012


How was your weekend? i had a relaxed one where i baked some honey cornflakes cookies and bought a few accessories and some more new tops and bottoms :) it was fun running through the new items at H&M when the store is not that crowded. 

we were actually trying to make it for breakfast but by the time we are done pottering around the apartment, it was already time for lunch and i was famished!
we tried out this popular wan ton noodle along tanjong pager road and it must be the best i'v tried so far. the chill was lethal and had me drinking tonnes of water and craving for more. 

i remember that the first time i tried this cookie was waaaaay back to when i was in primary school and at that time, we all had to attend home economics lesson where we learned to do basic cooking and sewing. 
One day, we had a test and one of my classmates made this cookie. ( i made a salad and did not score too well for the test , hahaha )
the cookies which just came out from the oven was so warm and sweet and i loved it instantly!

this cookie is usually sold in many places during the lunar new year period but i can't wait for it anymore and decided to make some for myself instead!
it was my first time baking this and its a breeze to bake.

My first chain mail necklace was completed awhile ago and I've been wearing it very often!
i think it goes well with the blazers which i wear for work and because it is a really simple one, i have no qualms about wearing it to work. 
On one of those days, i paired it with a dark blue dress and i like how it made the entire outfit a little less boring immediately :)

once you have the main chain done, its easy to add width to it by just connecting another ring to the outer two rings and i am working on another one now. a shorter, thicker version and i can't wait for it to be done and to wear it out!

Last week, S came back from HK for a visit and we all had buffet lunch at the ellenborough market cafe.
life is but an adventure so really, go where your heart leads you for you never know what is waiting for you at the other side of the rainbow. 

Have a blessed week ahead :)


Christine said...

mmm those cornflakes cookies look good!

Zerohearts said...

thank you babe! they were so easy to make and i gobbled them up in two days.