Friday, May 25, 2012

A beautiful wedding

It was the beautiful wedding of L and I and my family were really excited about it!
L's mum and my mum had been neighbors and best friends for the longest time and we practically grew up together. 
it wasn't so long ago when we were going to primary school and then starting our teenage lives. Now, we are getting married one by one. Time flies past without us knowing it and suddenly, there is so much past to look back and reminisce about.

the couple was so beautiful that night!

Love the grand ballroom, love the flower display :)

Wore my tweed jacket for the wedding, love the studs on it and i certainly wish that SG is not as warm and humid so that i can wear it more often.

Before long, we started playing around with our phones and here comes the pictures... Miss I.

Miss T

My beautiful mum looking good in her floral top.

Demonstrating the flicking hair motion. hahaha.

Finally, one with the gorgeous bride!!

band for the night was awesome. beautiful wedding, beautiful people and a room full of love.

Have a blessed weekend.

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