Wednesday, May 30, 2012

blue and green

When it comes to shopping , this has to be my favorite time of the year!

Singapore is a tropical country with lots of international retailers and the things that are sold may not be appropriate, especially during winter season where stores would often carry very beautiful warm clothing's which are too thick for us to wear on this sunny island.

But during this time of the year, the stores are selling everything light, flowy, pretty and colorful which we will get to wear all year round !
as it is, i had been doing too much shopping already but i'm hardly complaining :)

my favorite additions are the colorful jeans, pants, shorts and white shirts which i can see myself wearing for a long time and i can't wait to play around with all the combinations.

My favorite accessory to spice up any outfit are scarves and i have a collection of them in a variety of colors and materials.
they are easy to put on and adds a nice touch to any outfit, instantly transforming them into your desired look.
they are my most prized possessions and i have a dream of being the lady with a hundred beautiful scarves :)

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