Monday, May 21, 2012

mix and match

Just a week before G left for a weeks trip to London, we went to catch the Russell Peters show at the indoor stadium and me, being in something which i haven't wore for the longest time decided to have some pictures taken and it is a good thing that we did that because that very week, i put the beautiful vest into the dryer not knowing that it would shrink.

the vest is now about half the size of what it used to be. :(

i read a lot of blogs everyday, mainly makeup and fashion blogs and i greatly admire the authors of fashion blogs especially because i love looking at what others are wearing.

i also feel that it is important that we capture what we wear as clothes come and go, sometimes, you just move on to another style after some time so its nice to keep a record :)

i would love to be able to do something like a daily outfit diary on a more consistent basis but as i do not have a photographer, i will instead try to take some pictures of my pairings on its own in future. 

meanwhile, i do have these 3 pictures of me in the vest before it got destroyed.

the week G left for London, my mum and one of my sister came to my place on one saturday night and my sister took a nice pic of me the next morning before we went for a casual birthday lunch.

we decided to rope my mum in for pictures too, much to her excitement. :))

its the second day of the week tomorrow. i hope that weekend comes soon. can't wait as we will be celebrating my mum's birthday!

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