Sunday, February 26, 2012

Make me up

Reading up on makeup and skin care makes me happy. Buying them makes me happy for a long time :)

With the annual dnd coming up, I've been wanting to get a red lipstick to go with my Italian mafia lady look and had been sourcing the Internet on reviews of the best red lipsticks around and I decided to check out the Chanel counter today and this is my haul for the day.

I've always been a pink lipstick/lip balm kinda person and also do not venture much in makeup, always preferring to stick to the same old stuff. I had been using the dior lipglow forever but I must say that sephora and my girl friends changed my life forever :)

I got a laneige Xmas edition lipstick collection from one of my girlfriends and I left it in the drawer for one entire year until one day when I had nothing much to do and decided to try out the pretty red lipstick. I tried out all the colours in the end and seriously love them all!
This is the one that had me trying out more colours from then on.

Today, I got myself another 2 lipsticks from Chanel following the fantastic serum rouge from Dior. They are all my loves now!

Dior serum rouge had been around for a while and I'm glad that I finally tried it.
It glides on like a lip balm but had the intensity of a lipstick.
It's staying power is also rather impressive.
I tried out rouge serum in 460 and will be getting more of it.
This is the colour of it with no photo touch up but I did add on Dior lip maximizes for that wet, glossy look and most importantly, to even out the fine lines on the lips. Yes. The Dior lip maximizer is the one thing you should get if you are only getting one thing in the universe.

The 3 lippies together. The red one is rouge allure in 84 while the pink one is the ever popular rouge coco charme.

Rouge allure in 84 is really more like a watermelon kinda red, nothing too overpowering so I think anyone will be able to take the colour as long as you are not too dark.

Charme is just this brightening pink that I swear anyone will love.
You've gotta try it just once to fall head over heels in love with it.
Both are not drying at all and gives a great sheen on the lips even on its own!

While getting my lipsticks, I also had to replace my makeup remover which is depleting.
Been using kose oil remover for the past few times and almost switched back to using the brightening oil cleanser from shu umuera today until I was recommended the LE Blanc oil gel makeup remover from Chanel.

It comes in a tube and that makes it much easier for travelling.
Everything that comes in a pump always come out during long flights -_-
The oil gel has a really nice smell but I had to use quite a bit of it for the entire face.
It cleans off makeup really well and I have a feeling that it exfoliates the skin a little while removing the makeup.
Skin feels softer after that.
And the next item is what I think everyone needs to have.
The Lip protector from Chanel.

It supposedly lightens the lips and protects our lips from darkening from using too much lipsticks.
I hope that I will have naturally pink lips after this. A girl can sure dream :)

One last thing. Here's an economical but very effective eye and lips makeup remover from laneige.
It's my must have. Not too oily, removes those stubborn mascara really well and it doesn't irritate the eyes at all. Costs about 50sgd and lasts forever.

Here's hoping that God help us stay charming and beautiful forever.