Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vday 2012

I've been wanting to do up this post but everytime I start, I had to stop to do something else so here I am, lying in bed, tired but not wanting to sleep yet, typing this out :)

It was our first valentines day and because someone is not really the romantic knight in shining armor kinda guy, we had a very simple but nice celebration.

We woke up bright and early, it wasnt so early for most people but it is really so by our standard!!! During the weekends especially !

The first place we went was to Tower club, 八仙 restaurant for dimsum.

I think the best part about the place was their teacups.
Been googling about where I can buy them from but so far, I don't see the similar ones with golden wings as handles.
Those are like little pieces of art to me and how nice would it be to have tea and coffee with it?

Immediately after that, we checked into Fullerton bay hotel and what a beautiful hotel it is.
I love the shimmery tiles they used for the hall way and of cos, all the flowers they used everywhere. They were magnificent.

I love this chair. It will look great anywhere.

The rooms are full of mirrors and glass. I almost walked into them a number of times but this kind of concept is just the kind that G absolutely loves.
He feels that it brightens up the room and gives a futuristic look to a room. I think that too many mirrors and glass makes you
More alert than you should be. Especially during times when we should just be relaxing our mind thus the reason for my lack of interest in mirrors.

We decided to go for a dip in the pool before dinner!
Just before going for a dip in the pool!

Enjoying the sun in the middle of the city makes it feel like I was on a real vacation away from Singapore.

Next up, our dinner at my favourite Chinese dining place.
I could never get enough of the 高丽豆沙 and he love the abalone soup there and we make it a point to re visit them once in a while.

USS had their regular fireworks and we were so blessed to have the restaurant revolved to almost directly facing it when it started.
Little surprises of life ;)

My Moët and his whisky. G is not a drinker, we went there to catch the laser show which started at 11.

Home Cooked dinner on the actual valentines day.
Sirloin steak! The first time I'm trying out beef and it went better than expected.
The next time, I will marinade it in herbs and see how it works out.