Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy CNy

I can't remember the name od this new restaurant just behind wheelock but the food there is really great!
That evening we went, they ran out of mussels so we had clams with white wine instead.
The sauce was heavenly! It's fast becoming one of my favourite dinner plAce.

It was someone's bday.

Happy 30th to my BFF.

We went to wild honey at the newly renovated Scott's.
Breakfast in the evening is good!!!
Now.... I miss that egg benedict Again!

Someone was shy about phototaking

But he found a solution. Hide behind another !

It was dinner at east coast, a Korean restaurant.

First time we are giving out red packets.
I had a ball of time, mainly with all the pretty red packets!
I've decided to collect them as part of my never ending new hobbies.

After dinner, We all had champagne with strawberries, chocolates and jelly!
It was an awesome night with my family :)
I love festive periods ESP CNy cos it's when I get to spend all my time with them. Laughing , eating , drinking, it's love!