Friday, January 6, 2012


Our home gets lots of breeze everyday but the windows are seldom open because one of us is very anal about letting the dust fly in due to the construction site opposite our development.

Yesterday, I decided to close both eyes and air the apartment a little as i wanted to get some ventilation done. It was a really good decision because the cool breeze felt so good!!

Been suffering from a bout of food poisoning and was bed ridden for two days straight. Felt like everything was dull n tasteless n got nauseous at everything until I got the breeze :)
In fact, I even forgot about my drama serial and went with G for a swim ( him, not me )

Us on the way to the pool :)

I hope illness leave me alone.

Id rather be chubby than to vomit out every damn thing I eat.

Peace out. Xoxo