Monday, January 30, 2012


I think M have exploded the cuteness scale now.

He's extremely talkative, great at mimicking others, loves to sing and he loves playing a prank on us adults.

He started calling me auntie b, still screams beh beh when he sees G and the first thing he looks for when he comes to my house is still Minnie mouse.

He loves to climb onto our bed, he loves using Mickey mouse to give others a kiss and he will first take out all my five stalks of daisies from the vase on the dining table and then distribute one each to the people in the house.

He now knows that we have chocolates in the fridge and his favourites are the kinda bueno minis which I bought in the Frankfurt airport.
He would bring one to me and get me to unwrAp it for him.

He drinks more than a bottle of milk at a time now and would still be hungry.

He started going to kindy classes and so far, he doesn't really like it.