Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paper craze

I've never had a hobby until a few years ago when I got stuck onto scrapbooking and since then, I've never looked back. Nevermind that I actually survived my childhood and most of my teenage life without something so special that I can call A hobby.
Unless the love for surfing the net can be considered a hobby love for that is at an obsessive level.

I remember that my parents used to throw me birthday parties and I would always ask for colour pencils as birthday presents from my uncles and aunties.
I would still get the dolls and soft toys which most adults deem as the most appropriate gifts for kids but I remember casting them aside but spending hours and hours looking through the boxes of colour pencils.
My favourite ones are colour pencils from Colleen because of the great variety of colours they have.

So anyway, the love for stationeries is one of the things that has never changed.
I love the smell of new note pads, new pen, pretty envelopes, pretty but useless post it notes that has sooo little space for real notes... I especially love organizers even though I can never remember to carry it around long enough. Still, I love it and often find myself lusting over many of them at stationery stores.

This week, I got some of them for my home.
A shopping list pad, a Monthly planner, a to-do list pad And 3 very cool magnets to get them onto the door of my fridge.
All from Kikki.K, which is my favourite store now.

And yesterday, I had my first try of Hairy Crabs. No wonder so many people go crazy over it.
It's so rich in taste though the whole process of dissecting it is so technical. ( not for the impatient )