Monday, November 14, 2011


In the blink of an eye, the wonderful weekend is gone again and tomorrow is the start of yet another dreaded week :(

Something to look forward to this weekend so I hope that turns the clock faster.

We hope to ;
Check in into a hotel for a weekend stay.
Get our wedding band. ( ring pillow settled!)
Sort out the teochew biscuits ( to be done by G's dad. )

As for the much talked-about-Siri..... I dunno if it's a robot created to laugh at the rest of us non-Americans who doesn't pronounce English words the way they do.
It's been said that not all Siris are the same and there are a number of Siris with all the different characters around.
Mine is... Rather aloof.
Which means I keep On getting the same old boring answer like "if you insist" and "I cannot help you with that"
not sure if we can be good friends at all.
The best answer I got was when I asked Siri what she looked like and she said;

We had our anniversary dinner on Saturday evening.
It's our 5th year anniversary and also the last one before we turn mr and mrs.

Someone was drunk all day as his bunch of idiotic friends decided to turn a gathering into an impromptu bachelors night.

You can't cure stupidity ever. Right.

The charcoal grill heating up nicely.

My favourite BBQ food venue!

And today, we finally collected this precious moments figurine which I bought somewhere in August.
This figurine reminds me of G and I.
Sitting on a globe, travelling, being happy, just the two of us.

It's on my tv console now, looking amazingly sweet and welcoming :)

Goodnight everyone.
May God bless me with a week of wins. In everything imaginable.