Monday, October 24, 2011

Tv addict

G doesn't really understand mandarin.
He's hopeless at reading Chinese characters and we have both given up on it but to not even understand it when he hears it.... That is sometimes hilarious and we( me and him) enjoys laughing at him about it.

I'm a newly converted tv addict while he is usually contented to spend time with his laptop though he had been interested in about 3 shows since the day I knew him, 5 years ago.

First Was a Taiwanese drama - 爱转角,second was little nonya from tcs and now this third one Is painted skin , Taiwan edition.

Painted Skin, 画皮, Is a show about a fox vixen who needs to consume human hearts in order to keep her human form. She fell
In love with a married man and tried all ways to cause him to fall out with his wife so that he could be with her.

As it only broadcasts on every weekend, I would get it recorded and then watch it together with him when we both have the time. It's usually the late nights.

One day, I was blow drying my hair after watching the show with him and he popped his head into the room and said to me "你是妖!" and walked off.

Yesterday night, also after watching the show, while were were about to sleep, he said
"baby, why are my finger nails so long? Am I a 妖?"