Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Food tasting

I think that one of the most enjoyable part of preparing for the wedding is actually the food tasting part.

We totally enjoyed our food tasting and I actually can't wait to have them again!

According to some urban myth, the bride and groom rarely get a chance to have their dinner that night.
I'll be very sad if that happens to me too. ( will get someone to save the food for me )

The first dish which is also my favorite dish. Every item is amazing here and I love love love the lobster salad!

We opted for braised lobster in an effort to save our friends in the sea- the sharks.
The soup wasnt so great at all thus we have changed it to truffle soup with 4 treasures but unfortunately , we do not know what the 4 treasures are.

Garlic chicken with curry leaves.
This dish is so good! I love the taste of the crispy garlic mixed with the crispy curry leaves.
No fats at the skin of the chicken too.

Abalone with sea cucumber and seasonal vegetables.

Cod fish with teriyaki sauce.
Gary loves this but as I'm not a fan of cod fish, I'll skip it.
(will remind whoever is saving the food for me to omit this)

After this dish, my phone battery went flat.

I'll try to update more info about our food when I can.
Might be after the wedding though!