Sunday, August 14, 2011


I thought I should document how I survive this long flight which I haven't been taking for about 3 years.

The time is now 9.15am and in about 1.5 hours, I would have been in this cramped seat for 12 hours. Another 13 hours from now before I reach NY. this is almost intolerable.

My feet is definitely swelling again. I think it's a moving feet. When it don't get moving, it swells.

G and I got booked on the 747 air craft which Is much smaller than the A380 so in turn, the seats are smaller and there is no space for a food counter or exercising at the back of the air craft.

We originally wanted to visit los Angeles where my favorite Korean food, BCD tofu would be waiting for me and I miss the vibrancy at Santa Monica but there were no more tickets to LA via SQ for the month of august. (Very surprising) so we booked our tickets to NY instead.
I don't mind either. I'll check out the streets and woodbury commons properly this time !

Woodbury commons is a huge outlet and over there, they have some labels which are not available in other outlets. Eg: Tory Burch and Neiman Marcus last call. Omg. Very exciting.

Anyway, I've experienced about 6 turbulence on this flight already. It started very early into the flight and about 2 of them are rather strong so that makes it very irritating.
Knowing that I'll be coming back alone again because G have to stay behind for work is a very boring thought indeed.

We are transiting via Frankfurt and I haven't been to Frankfurt yet. Maybe we will do a stopover next time , when I have more annual leave. For now, I wonder if I'll be able to buy anything from their airport , haha. The shopaholic mentality. Never give up on any chance to buy and buy.

My hands are itching. Think the air is too dry and I should probably apply some handcream straight after this post.

Am smelling stale too. Much like the plane. This always happens when u spend too long in a plane. I hate this smell and the feeling but nothing much we can do about this because everyone just smells pretty much the same and your senses are somehow not as strong when you are so high up in the sky.

I wonder what my first meal would be. I hope it's something simple so I would have some time to put my leg up. An effort to reduce the swelling. Tsk. Can't keep torturing the poor feet. Plus, shoe size is not going to be accurate too.

Alright. Off to apply the handcream. Will update again maybe in my next sector from Frankfurt to NY.

Food again soon but I just want an apple.

Sharing some pics which C took of KL and me. :)

7.54am, Frankfurt time, 1.54pm, sg time. We've been traveling for around 14 hours. Holy moly!

We are waiting to board the plane to NY now and I'm sad to say that There is nothing to buy here at the Frankfurt airport. Except chocolates which I will most likely get on my way back to sg.

Feeling hungry again and ready to sleep on the plane again.

If only we can all apparate, it will make traveling long distance lesser of a pain in the ass.

Am not looking forward to the flight because the shows are not so great this time round.
I think it has everything to do with the fact that the screen is blurry and small.

I should have brought a book to read on the plane. Think I'll do that when I'm coming back.

12.26am, NYC, Sheraton hotel.
We got here at 2pm and I just had to sleep.
Feet were swollen beyond words, I was feeling super jet-lagged.
Climb onto bed and slept till now.
It's been a good 10 hours sleep and I'm ready to start my shopping tomorrow!!!
For now, need some food, I think I'll do a room service!