Monday, August 22, 2011

On my way back

I'm in the plane again and in another 3.5 hours, I would have reached Singapore.

New York City is a great, great place to be at but the distance is not In the least fun.
Going back takes a shorter time at 21 hours instead of 23 when we are going. ( inclusive of 1.5 hours of transit at Frankfurt airport ) but still, it's a killer!
Going to Los Angeles takes about 17 hours in all inclusive of transit at Tokyo.
If I'm traveling from L.A, I would already be at home, resting my poor feet.

The air in the plane is stale right now but at least all washrooms are still working fine.
On our trip there, by this time, 2 washrooms at the back of the air craft are beyond servicing. (-_-)

Maybe it's the airplane food.

Anyway, I should use the time now to upload some pictures I took from my iPhone.

This was what we had for dinner on the first night.
Room service of ham and cheese sandwich.

Because of the jetlag and generally because I was really too tired from the long flight, i slept a straight 10 hours until midnight.
G wouldn't admit it but I think he was really tired too.
We had the simple dinner and then went back to bed for a good sleep until the next day when we went out around 11. It was a day to the outlet mall, woodbury commons.

The thing is, many people would go crazy at the outlet mall and they might spend the majority of their shopping money there but I think the real shopping should start outside the outlet malls. try saks 5th avenue and American labels like American eagle , abercrombie etc.
Each time we go to an outlet there isn't really much to buy and the sales at Macy's is sometimes better or on par or just slightly more expensive than those at the outlet mall. It's not wise to spend a huge part of your holiday there I think.
But I did end up with some good buys.
Selective buys. Heheh

Tory Burch reva flats in gold.

Cheap shoes at nine west which is good for work but they are too heavy to bring back! ( 4 pairs of nine west cost $142 usd, I think It's selling for alot more in sg? )

Lastly, G's golf shoes and my running shoes, both from adidas.
Ok, these are good bargains I think.

G got himself a Tods loafer.
We love it, it looks comfy and it's what he had been looking for.

Tods is one store which you can really go crazy in us because it's alot cheaper than what they are selling here and they even sell the current season ones!
One bag was about $1000 lower than what they are selling in sg. ( leather ones. While the ones in fabric costs less than $500 sgd )

Tory burch too. The shoes are around $120 cheaper at the outlet mall but sizes are not always available!
The sales assistant said the moment new sizes comes , they sold out but they can actually send them to u if you stay in us so you don't really have to drive there.

And on both days we went to the Outlet, ( two days because my cousin only reached NYC 2 days after us ) it rained really heavily and it's not like the other short span of rain which usually happens there, the rain went on and on.
I usually wear a hoodie on plane because it's comfortable and it keeps me warm and because it's still summer right now, I did not bring along any other outerwear.
On the day it rained, I brought along the same hoodie which I wore on the plane!

Then it rained and rained on the 2nd day too and I had to get a new one.

Below are pictures of food and more food.
When my cousin, X was here, we visited Bubba Gump which was in Times Square.
Food there was nice and my favourite had to be the lemonade.
Very refreshing and it comes with a tall glass which lights up :)
( you can take it home too )

If you don't need anything from the servers, the tag remains at "Run Forrest Run" and if you need something, just flip it over to the red one which read " Stop Forrest Stop "

And yes, the restaurant's theme is Forrest Gump and I've never watched the show!
Will rent it from iTunes this week!

The sparkling tall glass.

I had a shrimp scampi pasta!

We ordered another shrimp dish

G had Beer battered fish and chips. ( miss you baby!!! )

X had another pasta dish

We also went to my favourite Red Lobster restaurant!
The first time we went to NYC, 3 years ago, G was still laughing at me because Red Lobster is almost everywhere in the states and I had to have it in our short stay in NYC.
This time, he was the one who wanted it.
Food is still perfect.
I love it so much!
This is a grilled lobster dish with grilled shrimp and a shrimp scampi! Served with some funny rice.
The butter sauce is good for Anything.

G had crab legs with shrimp!

Breakfast the next morning at Fluffy's pancakes which was just a 5 minutes walk from our hotel.
Look at the bagels, brownies and muffins they have!

We stuck to our favourite American breakfast.

Before we left for the airport hotel, we had lunch at a Japanese restaurant which was recommended by X,

Seasoned egg in broth. Special and tastes a little like tea leaf egg.

Wasabi octopus.
Looks scary but tasted awesome.

Shrimp Gyoza. ( tastes just Like Ha GAO )

My cold ramen with peanut sauce.
It was good but it was just too big a bowl!

Oh yes, we visited Top of the Rock at Rockefeller centre.
One interesting quote.

That's all I have in my iPhone.
Will load the rest from my camera soon!

It's time for breakfast on the plane.
Reaching sg in 2.5 hours. Can't wait!