Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poly mates

My favorite poly mates came to visit last Saturday!
E came with her son while G came alone so we ended up with 2 woman, 2 men and 2 boys!

Only managed to come up with these. A recipe my neighbor shared with me when i was still in primary school! Today, that neighbor already has a family of 4 with a little boy and a little girl :) anyway, We settled the rest of our stomach space with kfc :)

Before our guests arrived, M with his new thomas and friends cutlery set and a random flower.
This boy is into flowers, big and small.
He picked it up from my tray and started walking around with it, even when he was watching his favorite cartoon.

Then, Javier came and we went for a little swim

His superman swimsuit.

G fixing the boat which everyone loves. He later got into that himself. Mental note to self : try it next time.

M relaxing and watching doraemon after the swim.

Stealing a shot with him.

3 of us in the wardrobe.

J was practicing his kidding skills but it meant knocking of heads in the adult world.

This was Javier.

After the session at home, G and I went for the fitting of his suit for our wedding and I got another dress from Julia wedding news. This dress is for the march in during dinner while the one from legrand will be for the customary on the 16th!
Love the details on it, love the difference it makes.
Suddenly, I can't wait for the day to come. :)