Monday, August 29, 2011

Xerox it

A long time ago, Xerox was the name of the company who sells photocopier machines which are able to copy documents in black and white and colour. Their branding was so strong that when people wants a copy of things, they would sometimes go " xerox it "

Even now, for the older generation, they might still be saying this though photocopying is so commonly done by any other brand nowadays.

I think, everyone would have their fair share of being xeroxed by another friend/acquaintance/audience/whatever.
I think it's just human's nature that people likes to imitate things they see. Most importantly. Things they see and like.

To me, it's fine. Everyone can xerox everyone and the outcome will still be different because we are generally very different and your personality and your nature will just be a part of what you do/write/say, no matter how you package it.
In this time of 2011, I don't think there are many things in the world which are original anymore.
I'm very happy that others like what I Do sometimes. Just like how I admire certain qualities/methods in others.

Many things in the world are constantly being recycled. Fashion, most notably.
Ideas too and things sometimes gets better when they are xeroxed.
It's like you pluck a little from here and then you add in something else to make it nicer.

So, xerox all you want but remember to inject abit of yourself so it will still be you.

Have a beautiful monday tomorrow because it's going to be ph again on Tuesday.
I love this kinda mondays.

I'm feeling over the moon because G is coming back. I miss him so much I don't mind all his nonsense suddenly.
:) this must be true love. Right baby?!?!