Monday, July 18, 2011


The thing about blogs... Online dairies is that, in one , you might be reading about illnesses, sufferings while the next one brings you to new lives, babies, happy thoughts and cupcakes.

This is life!!! Hope we all get used to it somehow.

Some celebrations to talk about!

It was J's 29th birthday!
Next year, we will all be doing the Big 3 celebration. The rate that this age thing is going is too alarming.

She had a cakie and a chocolate cake and she looks better than ever.
Must be love thats doing the the trick :)

And then, met S for all day breakfast today!
It's been sooooo long.
We each ordered a set of breakfast and shared this fluffy pancakes which was absolutely yummy!

The whipped cream and the powdered sugar goes so well with the pancakes that were drenched in maple syrup.
Not only that, the pancakes were so fresh and fluffy !

One of the best pancakes I've ever had.