Sunday, July 17, 2011


S just launched her blogspot and I bought one very nice piece from her.

Because her products are directly from Japan and Korea, the cost is slightly higher but you can tell that the quality of her stuff are good!

It's the little details which makes an outfit. You can always tell when an item is of inferior quality and I like how items which are slightly pricier lasts longer and the quality often extends to the accessories that comes with it. ( ribbons , buttons, laces and those frills. )

I think this piece will be quite gd to match with leggings, a jacket and uggs!

Matched it with a suede jacket from Zara.

Another with a denim jacket from mango

My outfit of the day with G.
Dress is from a long long time ago from Gap.

G's outfit of the day.
Top from a shop in Ion and pants from Raoul.