Thursday, February 24, 2011

wedding prep

Feels really weird typing the word "wedding" in my own blog.

yesterday evening, while driving back after signing the wedding dinner contract , G turned and said that he can hardly believe that he is getting married.
oh well, its about time since he is already so OLD!

but really, i can't either.

not that anything much will change after that.... right????

so, our dinner is confirmed on the 22nd dec 2011, thursday and the customary will be on 16th dec 2011, friday.

things to do from now until december

  • shortlist bridal studios - so many i don't even know the best way to select.
  • selecting the one which we feel most comfortable with
  • going for a million fittings after that to get the right measurements done.
  • shortlisting / selecting the pre-wedding photographer
  • shortlisting / selecting the actual day phographer
  • shortlisting / selecting videographer

i guess thats it?

and i am trying to see if putting labels onto posts will work? if so, it will be a good way to do any track backs just based selecting the ones i wanna read about.