Monday, February 21, 2011

My boyfriend's back

G is back from a one week trip from London and he got our home a Nespresso.
Buying it in London is really so much cheaper than getting it here.
It's something like 200 - 300 cheaper!

Buying the capsules is also much cheaper there so G lugged the whole 250 of them back.
As a welcome pack, we got the display tray free and I think the little chart that comes with the tray is a great reminder to the intensity of the coffee.
Basically, the lighter the colour, the lesser the intensity of the coffee.
Till date, I'm still loitering along the green capsules mark. ( when we have them at W's house )

As you can see, we have 4 tubes of black capsules. No idea who's going to have that though. Not sure if the person will ever sleep again after having it.

G Also Bought himself a new perfume. This one smells a little woody and the bottle looks so hot!
I think Dior almost always have the best packaging around.
You cant see it here but the bottle is a gorgeous black glass one with a glass cap too.
I think it looks great even as an ornament.

My valentine's day gift. Cannot decide if I love the gold or the silver buckle better!
Gold is supposedly the older design but I thought the patent black looks really hot with gold.
And now that I see this silver one, i love how dressed down it looks!
Sg's wet weather spoils shoes really. So this one, like my other pairs will not be out that often.

And G calls this gift the "something nice" gift. ;)
Love it!!!!!! N love the fact that it doesn't burn the pockets too.
I can wear this with jeans, dress, hair up and down!

We had our annual dnd. This year, we had it at Suntec convention centre and the theme for the night was chic.
Now, I'm not sure if that's any theme at all because chic can exist in many themes?
Like you can be dresses up in oriental chic. Or you can be going for Hollywood chic.
We had almost the entire ballroom just decked out in whatever. Meaning, nice dress n shoes.

Photographers went around tables the whole night and we had instant photos given to us.
Thats my highlight of the night. Other than the ktv session with my lovliest after that.

Some of the food from the night.
Chicken with herbs!

Lemon sorbet with cucumber

This is a forgotten pic.
We had lion dance for one of our agents event and this shows the 4 numbers which had us losing some money each at 4D.

It's coming to 1am now. Time to catch some sleep. G is beside me now. He must have been duper tired because he slept in less than 2 minutes!

Sweet dreams Molly.