Saturday, February 26, 2011


I think many people have this worry about spoiling kids, worried about the kind of adults whom they will turn out to be so they are taught responsibility at a very young age.

This is of course the best way that things can turn out. Kids learning about responsibility, frugality but it also takes certain adults to be able to remain firm to those smiling faces.

For G and I, we just go all out and spoil the kids.

There's alot we will do to bring a smile to 小王子's face.

He is just soo innocent, so adorable and he's really quite a good kid.

After the boat float which had him giggling away for hours, we went to get him his own little hideout yesterday and it's in fact something I've always wanted as a kid!

The side you are looking at is the post office part with a slit through the postbox so you can really slip letters through.
I find this little detail very attractive!

The other side is printed as a supermarket and the clock on top have hands that can be moved.

Reminds me a little of farmers market in L.A.

We also bought some colorful balls to put inside the little tent because he love them

Can't wait for him to see it.

Can't wait to see him again :)