Wednesday, August 4, 2010

iPhone diary

We were loithering in Kyoto after an unsuccessful attempt at seeing real geishas. ( met some wannabes. They basically dress up as the real ones and are given the term wannabes. There are supposed to be some distinctive difference between them and the real ones in the kimono they wear. Real ones - expensive looking fabric. Wannabes - not so expensive.
Anyhow, to me, I think they both look quite fab.
Gary and I saw one in upsized version and we thought that she was a dead give away.

Oopps went too far off again.
Back to the picture.
So we were walking around this huge bazaar area which was way better than Tokyo.
They had cheaper clothes that were really full of character, lesser lace, in other words, more our style and right behind the bazaar were some restaurants.
We decided a long time before we decide to try this one we went to.
Typical Japanese pancake which the server will cook on the hot plate on your table.
Very interesting, nicer than the one in liang court but I'll try something else next time.

This is nothing new in sg but seeing them in Tokyo was quite a nice feeling.
We saw these at the shinkansen station at Kyoto.

Bought the kitty in kimono in Kyoto to go with the blue bear from bkk.
The background was my furry vest

Powder room is a norm in japan where the females really take great attention in their makeup and hairdo.
This was the powder area in a female washroom in Tokyo.

It was a rainy day in Tokyo. Actually it rained most days we were there.
We were having coffee and hot chocolate in this really busy cafe which was right smacked in the middle of Ginza.
I was in a rather bored mood at that time.

Guerlain meteorites in mini version!
It's sooooo pretty.