Tuesday, August 3, 2010

iPhone diary

In Tokyo disneysea!
I bought a Mickey balloon to brighten up the pics.
It's my fav cartoon character!

I remember this place very well.
Gary and I were freezing along the streets of harajuku.
It was drizzling and I bought this really cute dark blue umbrella in polka dots!
We walk exploring a little here and there and found this English looking cafe and it was a total life savior for me!

That's me in the train in Tokyo. The seats were tiny. Everyone were busy. Gary was sitting opposite me when he took this pic.

We took a shinkasen ( bullet train ) from Tokyo to Kyoto for some geisha sighting.
Takes around 2.30 hours to reach and we had to reach the train station at like 7am zzzzzzz
We had some snacks and the entire ride was rather torturous as it was getting warm in the train but I was lazy to remove my winter wears.

I bought this packet of nuts from the train station in Tokyo and it lasted me for around 2 days. Ha.
Gary found it a little disturbing that I was not done with it after so long.
It was sooooo addictive okay.