Thursday, August 5, 2010

iPhone diary

The current phone is acting all strange now.
It charges till just 28% after 4 hours.
I have a feeling somethings happening to it soon so I figured that I better start completing my iPhone diary soon.
I still have a few hundred pics to go.
Not feeling hopeful at the moment.

One of those times my emotions took over my practicality. ( which happens very often )
Could not resist the Alice in wonderland packaging and spent some good money on these worthless stuff.
They are good to look at but they were So exp!
Well nmimd. Simply because I am woman !!!! ( throw in the song from satc pls )

Can you imagine me marketing a unit like this?
Haha. I tried but can't remember nuts about it.
I better stick to office.
( I'm feeling jittery cos my phone batt is dwindling while I'm updating this entry and I'm actually charging it while doing up this post. Somethings definitely wrong )

My 28th birthday celebration in the office.
We also had some puff pastries from coffee bean and my favourite coke!

My note from Gary. Yes, I actually had so many presents from him.

Decided that my hair needed a trim.
Wasn't prepared to see the stylist removing so much of it.
I was upset for a really long time.