Monday, July 26, 2010

iPhone diary

Sherine and I were at coffee club in Takashimaya and I love her scarf!
Still loving it and still wanna get it one day.
As for where I can wear it to, I have no idea.

Taking a shot of my long long hair in the washroom at the central office

Many of our office units had floors like that. Now, this is one attempted artistic shot.
Those were my only Tory burch. It's the Audrey ballet flats. I used to wear it to everywhere after my silver calvin Klein gave up on me.
I love silver shoes!
But due to the fact that it's been through too much rain and sun, it's very soggy and the threading are all falling apart :(

Gary and I at the macdonalds nearest to my home. He was dressed in red that day and looked like he worked there.

And that was me. It was quite obvious that I haven quite wake up yet even through those sunnies.