Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iPhone diary

When Jenny , Corinne, me and Jennifer had our Yu Sheng at sakae! Most of the colleagues were on leave , back in their home town in Malaysia.

Me and my bento set on that day

That was me in Mango , shopping for my birthday dress!
Did not get this in the end as it was far too short. Still, I love it very much indeed.

Got this in the end. ( warehouse ) the plainest of all 3 but I love how casual it looked. You can run around in this . Perfect.

Don't we all love that cartier Santos!!! Belongs to Sherine. I might steal it one day. When my wrist gets bigger that is.

Our first dinner in Tokyo. This restaurant was located at the basement, away from the chilly wind. It was the first restaurant we went to for Japanese food and I think it was the best throughout those days there.