Monday, July 26, 2010

iPhone diary

This was taken in the central showroom. When my ex colleague, pbh was still around.
That day, I was quite pleased with the way the hair turned out.

Need to cut queue. Let me just say that I died and went to heaven at Jielun's concert!
Omgosh I love him so much and the concert took every bit of my breath away!
Pics of the hero of my life soon!!!!
( I'm now lying in bed with access to only my phone while all the pics are in the laptop)
I screamed so much my throat is sore. But damn , it was worth every cent and every scream.

My neighbour, Yvonne got married!! The entire family were at the wedding dinner!
Here's Ida and me

Weiwen and me

My dear friend , Wenna and me.
We knew each other since the primary school days as she would often stay over at yvonnes place.
It's been so long since I've last met her.
The gathering at yvonnes wedding dinner was a good one.
I hope that she will always be happy and cheerful ;)

My Hwee Tseng. I can't remember where we were but this is a nice pic of him trying to look cool. As usual.

And that's me! At the place I can't rem. With Hwee Tseng.

We had a dinner and dance that was supposed to be in February 2010. However, the chairman passed away and it was postponed to July.
2 weeks before, we went to get our costumes and in this pix, I was on my way to become a gypsy pirate. Ha. No idea if there is such s thing as a gypsy pirate. The idea just got to me and got stucked.

That's me and my pirate.

I contemplated being cleopatra too.
It didn't really turn out that well.
Unless cleopatra was short and fat with small eyes.

There were so many funny stuff to play around with!
Check out this sunglass!
I Cant turn my head without hitting someone!