Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I just painted my toe nails the usual shade and i should have done so a week ago except that i just did not have the time.

You see, my Gary is back.

he is finally back with no courses, detachments or whatsoever in the near future. i can finally sleep. Sleep, without him is impossible. its like i am not willing to go to bed alone or something!

so, i was talking about my toe nails.

you see, i already hate my feet for their constant shapelessness and occasional bloat... more than that, i hate the rate my nails grow.
They grow so fast, i need to repaint them every one week or so before they look ill-maintained and me being me, only paints them once a month if i have the time so they almost always look bad. -_-

so... starting from now, they are going to look fine for a week. Not fantastic or anything like that, just OK.
i hope you guys get to see them during this stage.