Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, Christine is back for 2 weeks from Melbourne afterwhich, she will be gone till i-cannot-imagine-when and i finally passed her the wedding gift!
i am soooo late, i am still embarassed about it and to my dearest cha-cha, i haven't forgotten your birthday gift and i promise tt i will get it sorted out really soon!!!!!
i strive to be the most meticulous friend after today.
now all really have something to look forward to!

My very-hip-mum had been very intrigued by the white tigers ever since they appeared on the headlines and without checking and knowing that they are only available at the day zoo coupled with the fact that we all hate the sun, we went to the night safari!

of course, no one saw any white tigers and the lions and tigers were all snoozing away when the tram drove past their habitat and in the end, the scariest animal that night was the Hyena (the way it runs around was pretty nerve wrecking! i feel like a prey already!) and the snake. (later)

Did you all know that tigers can sleep up to 20 hours a day?
and did you know that sleeping lesser than 6 hours a day makes you cranky and irritable?

Ida left us to join her friends halfway through the trip and that means, it was only left with me and my mum to shriek our way through the animal show while Gary was as usual, the macho man who doesn't flinch at anything.
except maybe when the iphone drops.
or when apple shares drop.
or when his mac book is conking out soon.

The show was typical except this part when they brought out this HUGE snake from under the audience seat that got me and my mum screeching away.
you see, my mum is soooo afraid of snakes that she gets nightmares when she watches them on tv and there we were, sitting there while they took out a gigantic, long and thick snake not that far from us.
the moment the snake was out, she kept grabbing hold of my arms and screeched away.
and there i was, staring hard, laughing hard and screeching away too because it was simply too eeeeewwww!
snakes are sooo creepy!

no pics of the snake though but it took 4 adults to hold it.


ps: my mum highlighted a few times that she would absolutely be dead already if they had brought out the snake from our seats. based on her screeches, i totally believe her.