Friday, October 10, 2008


Friendship is easy to understand when people are genuine.

i am positive that the rest of the crowd always finds us disturbing... you know how it is like when there is a table of folks who keeps talking and laughing loudly when you are trying to have some peace.
well..... we do that all the time when we are together.

absentees : Beeing and Ubi belle

Here is Chris and if you can see through people, you would have seen her heart of gold pumping away. gawd i am so corny.

soon, we can tell people that we have been best friends for 20 years.
good times, bad times, we've been through it. Thats why the friendship is so sturdy now.

Many times.... all you need for total lack of control kinda laughing and behaving like 6 year-olds is to put 3 of us together.
i provide the joke. serena does the screaming laughter, xq does the laughter too, accompanied by all that actions with the hands.