Tuesday, September 25, 2012


its been sooo long since i've written anything in here!
i've missed this little space, i've missed decorating it with my thoughts and beautiful pictures of things that goes on in my life.

life has been..... busy..... pretty uneventful.
i wish i had more done but when things don't happen according to how you want them to, its important to still, not give up.
to still keep on hoping and believing.

good times are often not too far from us.

we just have to remind ourselves to turn our back on the negative things and focus on the good.

and simply to keep on keeping on :)

its never easy, especially when you are still feeling so stuck in the rut.

natural optimism plays the biggest part here. you need to drag it out from wherever somehow.

isn't this what life is really about?

to keep on trying ?

August was a special time for me.

while it was a month which i couldn't wait to be over soon, it was also the birthday month of 2 of the closest people in my life.

First up was my sister's birthday and she turned 29 this august!

how time flies.... next year, she would be in the same club as me.

the thirty and fabulous club :)

we went for a nice steamboat session at Chongqing hot pot, completed with our favourite durian cake!

we always go for the dual pot where half of the pot will be filled with spicy broth while the other half would be the herbal chicken broth.
often, i can't help just dropping everything into the herbal chicken broth while completely ignoring the spicy pot but it is really the mixture of the 2 soup base which adds up the experience!

She got her chinese name changed and the words on the banner is her new name.

Really happy... is it because you are getting older and wiser? :)
the next year, you will be 30 and it is a fabulous time really.

the waitress did not do a very good job in taking a clear picture so we took turns!!
the photographer for this pic was Miss I.

it was barely 4 days later when it was time for my Cousin's birthday!

i remember that i was really engrossed in korean drama at that time and was really trying to go for the korean girl look.
drama series...are great distractions from our daily lives and its fun going about the different dressing phases according to the kind of shows you are watching.

i think it is mostly because of the drama series plus my reading blogs and pinterest that results in me not only wearing black, black and just black.

The birthday boy who turned 32!
boy am i glad that he is still the same old him after all these years!
the happy, unassuming and really comical him.

During one company event.
my buddies and i, being ourselves, always taking pictures in front of huge mirrors.

we also went for lunch at Jewel Box on another day because K is holding her beautiful wedding there in December!
foie gras salad which we shared.

Crabmeat linguine which was full of huge chunks of crabmeat!

There is something about ladies always taking pictures in the washroom. beautiful washrooms!
i'm always doing this photo-taking in washrooms with my girlfriends and i think its a universal thing?
this one had glass all around so we just had to do it. Make full use of the sunlight coming through the glass.

August went away and September is leaving soon too.
this only mean one thing to me.
Christmas is coming!!!!!!

i c.a.n.n.o.t w.a.i.t.

i love the xmas season sooo much and was totally over the moon to see xmas decorative items already selling in the stores today!
really? so soon? =)

ps: are you on Pinterest?

its the next best thing to FB. hmmm.... i think its even better than FB.

try it out if you are not on it. you may just fall in love with it like i did.



Christine said...

like finally u updated! wheee! lovin' the colored pants and i'm on pinterest too. - i try not to go on it too often now because it makes me lust for the "too beautiful", quite an unhealthy obsession. haha.

Zerohearts said...

Hi babe!!! Yes finally!!!!! I've really missed this place :) I think I'm
Officially addicted to pinterest! There r just too many ideas floating around there and I just can't get enough of it. :)