Sunday, July 1, 2012

July again

Been absent from blogging due to my latest craze at crafting!
as always, when i discover something that i love, my initial burst of energy at it is incredible. except that when i do that, i promptly leave everything else stagnant for a while. :(
so, i am having lots of fun but i think i shall try to take it slowly for awhile.

This first day of July, i got myself a hair cut, some new highlights and 3 pairs of shoes. i hope you did something amazing and fun too!

it started when i was blog browsing as usual and then, landed myself in one diy craft blog after another and though i am really keen in many of the creative home improvement crafts, it seems a little challenging for me at this moment.
DIY accessories however is something that i was very interested to try my hands at and it helps that i could imagine completing at least one project due to the very clear instructions from the tutorials.

the blogs which i visited were all so amazing and they are a constant source of inspiration for me.
Daily life with a little bit of DIY is amazing. i come home from a busy day , shower and then sit down to complete a little something for myself.

you can decide the materials which you want to use.
after visiting the craft supply stores so many times, i realized that they do have many different qualities for the materials.
because i am really hoping for my accessories to last, i stick to using 14k gold plated materials and while they will ultimately tarnish if in contact with water or perfume, it should last a little longer than the ones which are not plated.

the first project i tried was with reference to cupcakesandcashmere where i learnt how to make the delicate necklace.
it's really simple to make and i love to layer it with my other accessories.
Making this took me a grand total of less than 10 minutes. try it!

and then, i came across littlemissmomma where i promptly fell in love with the pom pom necklace.
they are so sweet and fun to make and i love them so much i did a few of them and then got myself more fabric so that i can make it for my sisters and friends.

i think they look great on a casual day over a simple tshirt and i can see myself wearing this out for a tea session or a lunch date with my husband.

added a few pearls for this one.

the supplies shop i went to have so many different materials and i got very distracted there. thus, i went ahead to get some other supplies and then proceeded to make a few other necklaces.

a blue with gold one which will be nice for a day at the mall. 
my inspiration for this came from ecabonline where i made the braided necklace too but forgot to take a picture before i gave it to my sister.

i used the tougher fishing line thread instead of a normal thread as i find it easier to pick up the beads like that.
making this necklace requires too many beads and the ones i am using are tiny. using the fishing line actually allows me to pick up more than one bead at a time with the most at six beads each time.

One with coral beads which i wore over a light pink top for a casual dinner session.

The most challenging one so far has to be this chain mail necklace. ( isn't it so pretty??!! )
the tutorial at is very easy to follow but it requires patience as every ring has to be prepared. i will either be prying it open or trying to make it close tighter and we are talking about over 300 rings to make a necklace but it IS therapeutic. hahaha.

i have ran out of the 14k gold one halfway :(  and the supply shop does not anticipate it coming in anytime earlier than middle of July thus i went on to get a dark silver one which is rhodium plated. *construction-in-progress*

did you fall in love with neon colors like i did?
the below necklace was from H&M and i love it to death.
i paired it with a neon yellow top also from H&M and a jacket from asos.
it felt like the jacket was meant for the top and vice versa as there is a cute, neon green top button on it.

My outfit for a day of shopping and then steamboat dinner with my mum and G. 

its monday again tomorrow.
Have a good week ahead and the usuals, God bless our week ahead!


Dana said...

WOW .. it looks as if you've been busy. I want to see how that "construction in process" turns out...
Have a great week ahead!!


LoveT. said...

Beautiful Pieces! Love the Outfit :)
i´m a new Follower

Lovely Greetings ♡

Zerohearts said...

thank you Dana :)

will post the completed one!!!

Zerohearts said...

thank you LoveT!!! :)

Daisy said...

Cool jewrlry. I espescially love the pink and yellow one. :D x

Collections said...

Gorgeous necklaces.

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chrissy said...

haha babe, i saw cupcakesandcashmere's ombre necklace too! she did it really nicely huh?

man, there is no way i can craft anything with little miss miranda right now. =_=

anyway, lovin' your fabric necklaces!


Zerohearts said...

Thank you Daisy! :)

Zerohearts said...

Chrissy : yes those DIY blogs are really so inspiring! But u can imagine not having time when a baby is in the picture, maybe when Miranda is slightly older? Meanwhile, I will make you one first !

Allison said...

Gorgeous necklaces!!! You have so many lovely ones and I especially love the DIY!!! And re: J.Crew & Singapore- I had no clue there wasn't one there! They have so many great stores though!!! I'm sure you can find some amazing things that are even more awesome than J.Crew. I remember a mall with a shallow pool on the roof ;)
A's Fashion Files

Rachel said...

Hi Berlyn, I'm your new follower, haha. Love your pom pom necklace and the coral colour one! I was once in this crafting craze but the excitement died off after a couple of years, haha!
You may want to visit really well-stocked stores at china town. They have really nice ones from Japan which last longer and their gold is very nice!

Zerohearts said...

Allison ,
Thank you so much for your comment!
There are indeed many nice stores in Singapore and for the labels that are not here now, I try to order them but the shipping is sometimes a pain :(
I think the mall you are talking about is the one at harbourfront, called Vivocity, it's one of the biggest malls here! Hope you enjoyed Singapore when you were here and do come by again sometimes and maybe I can bring you for lunch ! :)

Zerohearts said...

Hi Rachel,

Heheheh, welcome and please feel free to come by more often!
I've been going to Chinatown for the supplies and was amazed that there are actually so many supplies stores there! And the qualities they offer are good!
Which store can I find the supplies from Japan? They lady told me that unless it's gold filled, 14k may ultimately,still tarnish as its only plated.
Ps: I,m loving this new hobby of mine so much :)

Rachel said...

Hi Berlyn, I must thank you for your generous gift!! (haha thou ILa forgot to pass to me)
Was overwhelmed by your kindness (at the same time feeling paisei)!
How is the DIY progressing?!! U can try looking for the jap parts from a shop located @ 3rd level of people's park centre. I'm not sure if they have shifted. Sorry i cant recall the name too (stopped doing the crafting for a while oredi) i used to buy from there and those jap cloths from 'Jin Long' located 2nd floor of the same building. If you like flowers or parts you will need to sewn on your accessories, you can check it out at 'Jin Long' .
There is another shop at FEP (2nd floor) too. You can check it out (2nd floor along the exreme left row of shops when u enter the building). Q a remote location.

Jasmine of ❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

i love all of these accessories. i do love neon, like you. :) love your outfit! :)


Zerohearts said...

Rachel: you are most welcome!!! :)) i got my supplies from peoples park centre and was really amazed at the number of shops which sells these stuff!
its a little crazy during weekends so i try to go during weekdays instead. heheheheh
i hope you like the necklace and i think you can pair it easily with many tops as its a very neutral color :)

Jasmine : thank you for stopping by :)))