Sunday, May 6, 2012


The way i do my makeup have largely remained the same through the years but i have come to appreciate how fake eyelashes and lipsticks will have an impact on the overall look that is presented.

also, less is really more and i've been applying lesser and lesser foundation since about 2 years ago. 
But when it comes to fake eyelash.... its a very thin line because the falsies just glams everything up so much that a person look very made up instantly with them on.
having said that, they are really one of the best beauty inventions.

for years, i have been relying on Dior Lipglow which i still love to death now.
very often, just a swipe with it is enough.
Dior Lipglow goes on a different shade on different people, according to the temperature of your body.
on me, its a pretty pink and another swipe of the lip maximizer is perfect for me.

however, recently, i've been playing around abit with lipsticks and am converted once again, because of Dior. ( love the Dior serum rouge and Dior addict lipstick to death )
the texture and shades which I've explored opened me up to some different looks which I've not been adventurous enough to try.

This is me in Dior serum rouge in 560 and the entire look is soft and casual. maybe it is also because i was in pastel colors and since i was only using a tinted moisturizer and loose powder, the face was not as bright.
Face : Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer , Laura Mercier loose powder

On one friday morning, i wanted to look a little more awake as i was in all black, i applied my Dior addict in Lucky and you can see how the look is transformed into a more sophisticated one even though i did have on the cle de peau tient fluid foundation and the cle de peak loose powder which is slightly shimmery.

Today, i'm in all dark colors again thus i decided to throw on something bright and cheery. my latest scarf from Gap and this would look better in pink lips than red ones.

i think the colors we are in affects our mood to a certain extent but accessories makes all the difference when you are in a dark color mood but yet want to feel more uplifted so throw in your accessories, put on the things that makes your day :)

one last thing.
to combat dry skin and to brighten your skin at the same time, try mixing a little pearl powder with the water sleeping pack. it works wonders.
i also mix them with body lotion and neck care cream when i'm not feeling lazy.
pearl powder can be found in the chinese medicinal halls. i bought mine in Taiwan.

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