Wednesday, May 2, 2012


G and I are both food lovers.
I still love food the same way I did years ago but G is loving them a little lesser now.
He is more health conscious( on a diet) now thus would only have the healthier options nowadays.

Many a time, the healthiest option may not be the tastiest option .

The last time we went for our favourite bah kut tea, he asked his friend, who is the owner of the shop, if they serve brown rice.
The Only brown rice they serve are yam rice. Haha!
G have since given up
On the Brown rice but he compensates that with more jogging and swimming.
What a busy life he has!
I prefer to let go and let God ;)

An intro on some of our favorite food.
The herbal bah kut tea. We usually have them without the pork ribs.
We prefer to have the vegetables and mushrooms.
This is a pot that is bursting with flavors!

One of my favourite sesame chicken. Another pot of winner.

I think we visit this shop at least once a week! Yup... Sounds a little too much but I miss it when I don't go there enough!
Sin heng bah kut tea is located at joo chiat.

Another of our( my ) favourite dining place has to be Akashi at orchard parade hotel.
It's pricy but the food are really fresh and the service is good too.
If you are prepared to pay more, ask for the chef recommendation and he will whip up a set for you.
According to your preference on the type of food you prefer.

Trying out G's favorite donbinmushi.

Look at the happy face :)

Another of our latest favorite is Jpot at vivocity.
I love steamboat and having 9 different soup bases to choose from is clearly the best Anyone can ask for.
I always go for the herbal soup.

Very happy with the food.

Can't wait to start?

It's Thursday tomorrow.
Soon, the lovely weekend will be here again.
Can't wait :)

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