Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Is it a little unfair to say that we are quite done with Germany already?

It hasn't been that long actually. Just our 3rd night here and Tonight is the first of Munich but the food, yes, the food is not really working for us.

The food is a little salty and they have lots of potatoes.
I really like potatoes on a once of even three times a week basis but when a meal comprises of a potato soup and then potato salads and then the main course with fried potatoes .... Hmm....

Yesterday, we went ahead to get sushi and I told G that it had to be the most satisfying meal so far. He agreed. I think.

In the end, we paid about $8sgd for each sushi. #thingsyouwoulddoforgoodfood.

On the other hand, the chocolates here are just amazing!
I had a complimentary one from the Sinn watch factory and it was already so milky and rich!
Today, I went into their supermarket to stock up on my family's favourite chocolates.

Can't wait to get to Italy! It's going to be just amazing. I already know it :)

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