Monday, March 19, 2012

Can't sleep

I keep waking up at really odd hours.... Yesterday was 2am. Today was slightly better, at 4am so in another 2 days, I'll be getting up at the perfect time of 8am ;)
It's still a little early for me go get myself ready so I'll do a little post on Frankfurt till now.
First, look who came to send us off at the airport.

It's very seldom that M drinks from a cup directly and I think he's loving it. He had cups after cups of warm water and I think alot of it is due to the novelty of drinking from a cup.

We two at the boarding gate, waiting to get on the looooong flight.
It's just horrible I think. All long flights are horrible.
The air is always stale. Food tastes funny, I dunno. I hate taking flights.
However, one thing I really love Is catching up on the movies which I haven been watching.
And most of all, I love buying things from the kris shop.
I look through the magazine the first thing I get on the plant and then look for the makeup which I can get my hands on!
I know!!! I'm hopeless!! ;)
This was what I got from kris shop this time round :)))

Before we board the plane, I knew that I had to get some moisturizer as the ones I'm using in sg are too light to protect the skin from the dry weather in Europe and ever since I visited Drx, I had been skipping my regular moisturizer and only had the laneige sleeping pack on once in a few days so I knew that my skin must have been a little de-hydrated.
Decided to get the gel-cream moisturizer from Lamer even though my heart was really screaming for the one in cream version.

I have really oily skin and I think that using cream de la mer will
Most likely be unsuitable for me once we get back to sg due to the humid weather. I'm
Not even confident of using it in Europe without it being too rich for me actually.
So far, I had been using it for 2 days and I think my skin is well hydrated without being overly oily :)
In order to save the other parts of my body, I've been using the cream on my neck, hands and shoulders too!!
For my legs, I'm sticking to Burt's bees. Hahaha.
So far, I haven't been seeing alot of Asians here. The Germans speaks rather good English and we don't have any problem communicating with them.
Food is a little salty for me even though I do take quite abit of salt actually!
I know my dear Beeling will love the taste of it though. ;)
Weather had been mad mad cold and it rained and drizzled the whole of yesterday when we drove to Rothenburg.
Today is set to be another cold day with a day temperature of around 11 degree Celsius and a night temperature of -1 degree Celsius.
An ancient Bentley parked at the hotel lobby.

The beautiful display at the lobby too

The first day we reached, we managed about 3 hours of walk-about before I had to call it a day. #justhadtosleep #uselesstraveller
Colourful cartoon balloons along the street, trees are all without branches and leaves.
People are dining on the street cafes, weather was great because the sun was doing its job.

I'm not sure if it's because it's a Saturday but there was a huge food fair Just beside our hotel.
Wanted to try it out but succumbed to the familiar pizza hut instead.
I know, we two are jokers. We travel miles and miles to have pizza hut and someone wanted to have Japanese food in Frankfurt.

Very talented.

The old opera house where you can catch a show but I'm
Not into it.
I'm into eating and shopping and doing nothing.

After taking this pic, we walked back to the hotel where I slept from 5pm to 2am, thinking that it's the next morning already.
Big mistake. Slept at 5am again and woke up at 9am to drive to Rothenburg. #zombified
Picked up our car at the grand terminal which is just 3 stops away.

One interesting thing in Frankfurt is thAt there are no gantries where you have to insert your subway tickets.
You just buy them and keep them and then make ur way down to the plAtform.
There are plain clothes officials who will be after you with hefty fine should you board the subway without a ticket.

The two of us getting ready in the car. It was going to be a 2.5 hours drive but we were stopping by wuzburg first!

G, my husband ( haha ) checking out the road directions on the crazy complicated map other than the Gps.
Maybe he's just meticulous.
If its only me travelling, I think I will get lost over and over again so thank God for him.

Me and my carrot soup in Rothenburg.
It was the first time I've tried carrot soup and it was just great!
Very refreshing with a natural sweetness from the carrot.
I feel very healthy after drinking it.

Marinated beef with two things which I thought were potatoes but they were exactly like muah chee!
Very spongy, very chewy, very sticky and not nice at all.

Ok, that's about it for the pics in my iPhone.
Will update again with pics from the camera.

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