Monday, February 13, 2012

New age

How did your CNy go?
Mine was very fulfilling indeed :)
It was the first time we gave out red packets and I decided to collect red packets too because it was clear to me how lots of efforts were put into designing those beautiful red packets.
The very cheenah side of me love the meaningful blessings that always comes with those red packets.

It's the year of the water dragon and I think the majestic symbol that represents the dragon is very much alive in the spirit this year!
Maybe it's because the dragon image can be solely and properly depicted in all the CNy decorations this year without it having to share with another animal.
As far as I can remember, dragons are always present in majority of the Chinese festivals and traditions and I would like to think that it is because they are such beautiful mythical figures.

We held an event for the people whom we often work with and we all had such fun tossing the dragon yusheng!

Before that, here's me and my buddies at work anticipating the arrival of the guests.

The dragon yusheng took around 1.5 hours to be done up completely and the vegetables were dyed very bright colours than the normal yusheng we saw just so that the vibrancy of the dragon was not compromised.

We stood on the side of the dragon and it was said that after the tossing , we should pick up the yusheng from the head to the tail so as to ensure a prosperous dragon year from the start to the end.

Following the tossing of the yusheng, we had the lion dance group. I half wished it was the dragon dance instead as I haven seen that for such a long time but the lions were better than no lions.

I hope that you've had your fill of fun, laughter, prosperity and pineapple tarts.
Till 2013!!! :))