Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I frequent supermarkets alot.

It's like a food paradise where i would be most tempted to lose control and buy everything that I desire.
Except that food does not have an expiry date that runs forever.
BUT. This is just a small problem. :)

I especially love looking at what others have bought and you can always make a little guess about their lives from the things they are paying for At the checkout counter.

Yesterday, a lady ahead of me bought a huge, red apple for $15.90.
I was wondering why she was willing to spend so much on an apple. I imagined that the apple must be extremely juicy. Then, I wondered if she was a Japanese who only supports expensive imported Japanese fruits. But she looked like a local. Then, I thought that the apple must be organic and that she's very health conscious.
Her total bill was about $20.

The guy Behind me bought a packet of fresh clams, a can of instant clam chowder and some coriander. He would be going back home to cook himself a nice clam chowder soup with extra clams, top up with coriander.
That's a nice dinner.

As for me, I bought 2 cans of spicy minced pork cubes and 2 cans of instant cream soup.
I think it would be appropriate to say that im a lazy person.