Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have been blessed with good skin and save for the few years of my teenage life, my skin had always been alright.
not extremely good but never had there been a time when i would need to consult a dermatologist to help solve any issues.

about a week ago, i noticed small bumps that looked like whiteheads to me around my nose.
i did what i always do, extracted the contents on my own and forget about them because i was confident that they were not going to be there the next day, just like every other time.

however, the next morning, the same things came back and this time, they brought along a few of their friends.
i did the same extraction on my own and this time, i wondered if it was going to come back the next day.

the next day, it did and they brought a long many more of their friends.

a little alarm went off and i had a feeling that things were not looking so bright this time and that it seems like those irritating aliens were here to stay. and multiply. and to ruin my life.

me, being the extremely drama queen, promptly tried to remember those good clinics that people were always talking about and just like how it always happen, my mind went blank, i could remember not one single name of those clinics.
and then, i remember that X visits this dermatologist and that she had been, on and off, talking about it.

the rest, like they say, is history.

i got the fastest appointment i could and probably harassed the receptionist a little too much, met a charming doctor, harassed him further with my condition , spent $347 bucks and just one day after using their products, the aliens disappeared by more than half.
Thank God for this.

i will most probably continue to use those skincare which i had been swearing by but this time, i will concentrate a little more on the dry products first, to ensure that those aliens do not reappear. after that, i will incorporate the drx products with the current ones I'm using.

this is the first dermatologist I've visited and my experience had been fantastic. I've also decided to never, ever visit any beautician for my facial. ( a little bird told me that all those white heads might have been aggravated by the facial i did earlier on )

the products are not that expensive and most importantly, the result is almost instantaneous.
except for the very strong medication smell, it really is a worthy product :)

DRx is located in Tong building, on the 16th floor :)