Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

Year 2011. The year I'm 29, had been an extremely eventful year for me.

The two major things that happened....
I moved in to my new place in April and got married in dec.

Doesn't seem like a whole lot of things when I type it out but the entire process Took me so long that I forgotten what it's like to enjoy weekends where there are no deadlines to be met :)

Because Xmas this year was too soon after the wedding, I did not have a chance to meet the girls until the 30th of dec!!
We had a very nice dinner at Lawry's, disturbing the hell out of many couples who were looking for some quiet moment.
We tried our best to keep it down but it's so hard when you put 4 drama people together!
We had steak, lobsters, wine and some great desserts!

Us with the gifts we got.
S got mine while yw got hers.
I got the one M bought while M got the one Yw bought!

then, we proceeded to unwrap the presents! All makeup items which we love!
Been trying out the eyeshadow for 3 days straight!

I got this necklace since Xmas last year and it's been a long time since I've worn it.
Also tried out the new eyeshadow I got for Xmas gift exchange ;))

I spent my new years countdown in east coast park this year with some of G's friends.
We released some lanterns and caught the flares released by the ships at 12am sharp. It was so so beautiful !

To me, the flares means so much more than firewoks.
Firewoks, although alot more colourful and vibrant, simply vanish too soon.
The flares are different. They stay illuminated in the sky for about 30 seconds before the light goes off. They look so much like shooting starts as they fall off from their position.
Everything about it feels like magic to me.

Everytime a flare goes out, the ships released more. It's one of the most beautiful things on earth.

More than that, I like to put a little romantic story behind it.
Can you imagine how those people at sea are feeling?
It's new years day and they are away from their family. Yet, they light up this flare to celebrate the moment. I can imagine a family seeing this flare and remembering that one of their family members is sailing in the sea at that moment, probabl also lighting their own.

Before going for the countdown, we went for dinner at long beach each coast where we tucked into some of our favourite dishes.
The herbal prawns are my favourite while the bamboo clams are G's favourite :)

New years day was spent in JB where we walked around, waited for carparks, caught a movie and then ended the night with yet another good dinner.
It's so great to be alive.

It's the start of a whole new year at work tomorrow.
Because I've had so much rest, tml seems too easy to combat.